PGA Institute Scholarships

The PGA Institute is proud to announce several scholarships across four key areas to support developing a robust and diverse golf industry in Australia and internationally.

Scholarship Funding Areas

Develop Regional Golf Operations

The primary focus is to provide assistance to regional clubs to upskill their staff working in golf operations at a facility to further develop their knowledge of the golf industry and assist the development of the skilled golf workforce. Also for students residing in regional areas an opportunity to take a step towards working in the golf industry.

Education Pathway for Metropolitan Melbourne Students

The primary focus of these scholarships to work with secondary schools to provide recent year 12 graduates the opportunity to study 1 year Diploma of Golf Management, as a pathway to Bachelor or Business, Sport Management at Holmesglen Tafe. Creating awareness of our programs as a leader in golf and further education in the sport industry.

Achieving Potential Scholarships

The primary focus of these scholarships is to provide Indigenous students with the opportunity and support to study in a field that is not common for their education pathways and to reflect our support of the First Nations people of Australia.

International Scholarships

The primary focus of these scholarships is to work with International Golf Associations or education providers to provide the opportunity to live, work and study in Melbourne. Students can then take the golf operations knowledge and skills to their home countries to better improve their golf industry and to create the PGA Learning Hub as the primary location of golf education internationally.

How to apply

Contact the PGA Institute representative via email ( who will provide suitable applicants with further information and a link to the application form to apply before the nominated closing date.

Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with priority of scholarships awarded to individuals who have had to overcome or are overcoming disadvantage in pursuit of their studies.

Disadvantages may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Financial difficulty or low-income earner
  • Family/caring responsibilities
  • Geographical isolation/significant distance from major capital city
  • English as a second language
  • Disability or medical condition
  • Family crisis or difficult family environment
  • Career/study disruption
  • Other difficult circumstances

Terms and Conditions

All scholarship award recipients are subject to the following terms and conditions (where relevant):

  • Scholarship funds received are not transferable or refundable
  • Scholarship award recipients must make themselves available for promotional and media requests
  • If a scholarship award recipient is terminated from their educational program all scholarship funding is forfeited
  • The PGA Institute reserves the right to adjust the application criteria, process and terms and conditions at any time.