PGA International Golf Institute


The PGA International Golf Institute (PGA IGI) is a leader in golf education in Australia. Each year, the PGA IGI delivers the Golf Management Program, that incorporates Australia’s only industry recognised golf management qualification, the 10810NAT Diploma of Golf Management. The program combines study which focuses on the business and management of the golf industry, alongside golf access and development for better golf performance. This one year study program is your first step towards a career in the golf industry.




The PGA IGI Gold Coast Campus is located at Sanctuary Cove Golf & Country Club, one of the Gold Coast’s premier golfing destinations. Sanctuary Cove Golf & Country Club provides an ideal setting for you to take the first steps to a career in the golf industry, with an all-in-one learning location.


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At the PGA IGI Gold Coast Campus, students can enter our Player Development Program each year (PDP).

The PDP focuses on player improvement and game development for golfers across your one year study with PGA IGI. This program is undertaken in conjunction with the 10810NAT Diploma of Golf Management.

Across a 30 week period, students undertake a variety of golf improvement classes, work with PGA Professionals and accessing some of the latest technology available to golfers today. Inclusions of the PDP are:

  • 2 hour group skills sessions with PGA Professional (up to 2 per week)
  • 30 minute and 1 hour private golf lessons with PGA Professional
  • Weekly supervised practice sessions with PGA IGI Programs Manager
  • Skills testing and video analysis of your golf swing
  • Trackman/Flightscope Launch Monitor Analysis
  • 3D Biometric analysis sessions
  • Psychology sessions for elite golfers with Sports Psychologist
  • Bi-Weekly gym sessions for golfers with Fitness Trainer
  • Annual Gym Membership

The Player Development Program has seen students improve their golfing ability over their one year in the program. It is ideal for golfers looking to become more consistent and improve their golf, to levels for better player performance.

The PGA IGI delivers Australia’s only Diploma in Golf Management. The qualification focuses on the business of golf management and is increasingly recognised by industry as the best golf education. We liaise with golfing industry experts to ensure that our curriculum and training provides the skills and learning outcomes that make our graduates employable and become critical assets to the golfing industry.
The curriculum focuses on education in all areas of professional golf management. The Diploma covers the components of business and management required by the modern golfing industry, with students subject areas covering:

  • Introduction to the Golf Industry
  • Golf Operations
  • Golf Course Planning & Development
  • Golf Club Management
  • Golf Course Design & Maintenance
  • Event & Catering Management

Students who study at the PGA IGI can combine golf with a Bachelor Degree with our partner Higher Education providers in Sydney and the Gold Coast. The PGA IGI has articulation agreements set up with International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) and Griffith University on the Gold Coast. These articulation agreements provide students with a one-year equivalent credit in selected Bachelor Degrees, while continuing to undertake golf skills subjects with the PGA IGI.
The PGA IGI Diploma of Golf Management qualification also receives a credit towards the PGA Trainee Program . Students receive RPL for their study with the PGA IGI when entering the PGA Trainee Program, pending they have met all entry requirements. Upon successful completion of the PGA Trainee Program, a student will become a full vocational member of the PGA of Australia and a qualified PGA Professional.

The PGA IGI facilitates a number of learning pathways to a career in golf, both on and off the golf course. The Diploma of Golf Management is a qualification that is the beginning of a successful career in the golfing industry.
This industry recognised qualification allows students to begin their career in golf management. The Diploma in Golf Management allows those with the qualification to work their way into management roles within golf clubs, golf organisations and associations throughout Australia and around the world. Job positions held by graduates can include:

  • General Manager
  • Club Manager
  • Director of Golf
  • Golf Operations Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Tournament Coordinator
  • Sales and Account Manager

Graduates can also continue their careers in the Professional Golf ranks if they meet required criteria in these fields. The program offers pathway opportunities into the PGA of Australia and the PGA Trainee Program towards PGA Golf Professional careers such as Golf Coach, Tour Player, Director of Golf, General Manager.