PGA IGI Graduate Story: Cameron Johanson

  • Posted by Luke Bryden 03 Jul

PGA IGI Graduate Story: Cameron Johanson

At the age of 20, Cameron Johanson commenced his study with the PGA International Golf Institute (PGA IGI). He enrolled in the Diploma of Golf Management program to follow his passion for golf.

The PGA IGI delivers the 10459NAT Diploma of Golf Management each year through on-campus delivery at the Gold Coast, or through online study with the new e-learning program.

This is Australia’s only nationally recognised Diploma of Golf Management qualification focuses on business, management and administration within the golf industry.

“I had a love for golf and wanted to look into ways that I could turn that in to a career,” explained Johanson. “The PGA IGI program was the perfect fit as I could play golf whilst combining the study of golf management.”

The content delivered throughout the program is designed to have students job ready when they graduate.

“The information we received during study was more relatable to the workplace than I expected. At the time you took in the information, but once working in this role it has come to the fore how aligned the content that is delivered is actually what you experience each day working in golf management,” commented Johanson.

“It is a credit to the guest presenters and PGA IGI staff on the real world experiences that have assisted me in my role.”

After completing his Diploma of Golf Management with PGA IGI in 2016, Cameron commenced in the role of Golf and Sports Coordinator at Killara Golf Club.

“Without the Diploma of Golf Management, I doubt I would be in the role in the golf industry that I now am today”, concluded Johanson.

Those skills and golf management knowledge the he learnt within the Diploma of Golf Management have allowed him to settle straight into his first role within the golf industry.

“Cameron has been a great fit at Killara Golf Club since commencing almost 12 months ago,“ said David Gazolli, General Manager at Killara Golf Club. “He works well within our team and has a great relationship with the members of our golf club”.

“When hiring for the role we were looking for a driven individual that was skilled and ready to enter the workforce,” explained Gazolli. “It is a credit to the PGA IGI team for its work in preparing skilled graduates like Cameron, who are employable and ready for a career in golf management.”

The PGA IGI offers multiple intakes a year for new students at its Gold Coast Campus. The 10459NAT Diploma of Golf Management also offers pathways towards the PGA Trainee Program and selected Bachelor Degrees.

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