JNJG Scholarship

The Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation (JNJG) was established in 1986 to introduce more young people to the game of golf and to nurture their skills and enjoyment of the sport. The objectives of JNJG are to establish and service a variety of golf programs for boys and girls that create pathways through the sport and cater for the beginner through to the elite.

JNJG has a focus on providing education opportunities for its members exiting the JNJG program. That is why JNJG has partnered with the PGA International Golf Institute (PGA IGI) to provide the JNJG Scholarship for a student to undertake the PGA IGI Diploma of Golf Management program at the PGA IGI Sydney Campus.

This Scholarship will also involve a 12 month internship working with the team at JNJG and its supporting partners. You will undertake a variety of tasks and duties at the JNJG office, along with assisting in coordination and set up of various JNJG events around Sydney and across NSW.

JNJG is searching for a student who has been a JNJG member, competing in JNJG events and junior competitions. They must have a passion for the golf industry and are looking to pursue a future within the game.

This scholarship covers the payment the PGA IGI course fees which involves the Diploma of Golf Management 10459NAT. Scholarship recipient has the opportunity to continue on to University, earning a Bachelor Degree with ICMS, through the PGA IGI Pathways that are provided (at student’s expense).

For information on the scholarship please contact the PGA IGI office or JNJG office, or visit the JNJG website.